It is possible that you are or have been affected! A number of unscrupulous business practices are regularly perpetrated in relation to companies participating in a wide variety of trade shows and events. Below are two examples that we are aware of and we warn you to be wary of them and possibly others. If in doubt, please always contact us before responding to these types of offers.

A certain number of publishers (e.g. Inexorg, Expo Guide, Connect Publisher, online catalog "International Fairs Directory", Matic, Construct Data...) can write to you to offer you to be listed in their directory or catalog, which seems linked to "PotatoEurope" or to one of our historical events "Les Culturales" or "Lin'OVation" or "ARVALIS" or to "UPTERRA" but in reality have no relation with the event or its organizers .

PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT FREE! Moreover, at first glance, one could understand that this offer of being listed seems to be free, but in reality, and written in small print, it is often indicated that the service is paid for each year, over a period of several years.

False solicitations are made by various unscrupulous sources to purchase lists of Exhibitors and Visitors to our events and shows. These requests are completely false knowing that no organization other than ARVALIS has the listings of Participants / Visitors to our events. Furthermore, ARVALIS has never offered (and will never offer) our Visitor/Participant database for sale, rental, loan or shared it under any other type of arrangement.