Dynamic demonstration

22 hectares for 30 dynamic worksites!

Dynamic demonstrations are the cornerstone of POTATOEUROPE... and are set to play an even more significant role this year! 

They will now be conducted on 22 irrigated hectares of the Daisy variety, with three main sections: harvesting, reception/storage with specifical adds on optical sorting. A total of 29 demonstrations have now been confirmed: 13 harvesters (AVR, Dewulf, Grimme, Pouchain, Ropa and Agripoppe), 5 receiving and grading lines (Downs, Eurodirect, Dewulf, Grimme and AVR). 2 weed control machines (AVR and Grimme), 6 mechanical haulm destruction machines (Agronomic, Eurodirect, Grimme, Nucrop, Ropa, Vegniek) and 3 specific optical sorting areas for washed and unwashed potatoes (Hexa-Pac, Raytec Vision and Visar Sorting).
Increasing the area made available for harvesting naturally maximises visitors’ options for observing and appreciating the demonstrations, giving them more time to make comparisons and allowing them to choose their future investments. The harvesting demonstrations will be arranged in three groups, letting visitors focus their attention on their own particular area of interest.
Group 1 will feature self-propelled four-row harvesters.
Group 2 is mainly devoted to two-row towed bunker harvesters.
Lastly, Group 3 will feature more diverse models (two-row elevator and bunker harvesters, towed or self-propelled).
Final program to come

Program to come